My most recent narrative short movie. For the horror theme and for Film Riot’s Monday Challenge with the “Monster” subject.

A doodle due to needing a new hair style. Music from

Result of accepting Film Riot’s “Monday Challenge” to make a video with cloning that includes a plunger.

Dark Street – an experimental doodle
No plan, just random shots. The editing and the music is where the magic happens

Interview with Rainer, 4 year old mystic/sage
This one is long but hilarious, especially if you have kids… or like them

TELLING STORIES OF PEOPLE’S LIVES features videographer and content creator Alex Andrews, Part of Elastic Lab’s CULTURE OF CONTENT CREATION series on digital content creators. Filmmaker: Matt Abraxas.

This came of my son asking how Obi-Wan disappeared in the movie. He was concerned for the actor, so a lesson in movie magic followed.

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