For anyone who has had the privileged experience of seeing the Asylum Street Spankers live will know what I mean when I say it is a sad to see them parting and even sadder to see them without the glorious success they deserve. For almost two decades they’ve been playing music that puts them outside any box, which makes them harder to take for those who prefer life packaged in a stale-quality TV dinner with canned laughter. Maybe it’s Americana or roots country, it doesn’t matter; what they are is a totally unique expression of authentic individuality.

I painted a few of the members into an illustration that I was planning on adding to a book. The book remains incomplete, for now, but the detail of the illustration became a limited edition print on archival giclee paper.
The members include Christina Marrs, Nevada Newman and Wammo, of course. Also Guy Forsythe, P.B.Shane, Scott Marcus, Stanley Smith and Sick.
If I thought at the time that it would be a print for Spankers fans to buy, I’d have added at least a few more great players: Charlie King, Pops Bayless, Mysterious John, Charlie Rose to name just a few.

They’ll be in Denver this Saturday, and I’m eager to see them even though it won’t be the same without Wammo. It will still be an amazing show, without any doubt, and I guess since Wammo won’t be there, I won’t be just a little bit afraid. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to see (and fear) Wammo in Austin one of these days unless he doesn’t tour himself.

One thing for sure, if I ever come into millions of dollars, I’ll be pushing hard for this band to re-unite with all the backing that millions of dollars can provide.

Here is the illustration:

If it’s too late to see them live, they have plenty of great albums to buy.

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