My Demo Painting at SmithKlein Gallery – Painting From A Snapshot Picture

Painting from a Snapshot Photograph At SmithKlein Gallery in Boulder, CO., last month, I painted a demonstration of how I sometimes work directly from a single photo. Before anything else, I do want to stress the importance of working from life as much as possible.  In order to understand tonal value (the graduating differences from [...]

My Demo Painting at SmithKlein Gallery – Painting From A Snapshot Picture2014-01-28T23:23:34-07:00

Painting Several Characters Using One Model

Painting Several Characters Using One Model In the 2 part video below, I show you how I used myself as a model for an illustration involving 4 adults. This can be very useful for illustrators on a tight budget and deadline, or for anyone who is having difficulty arranging other people to pose. An important [...]

Painting Several Characters Using One Model2014-01-29T11:19:10-07:00

12 Days of Christmas Art Sale

12 Days of Christmas Art Sale For the 12 days preceding Christmas and for the 12 days following, I will be selling 12 paintings up to 75% off. From now until January 6th, these paintings are on sale. Go to the Sale Here: Holiday Art Sale Sales like this is a great way to begin [...]

12 Days of Christmas Art Sale2014-01-29T11:19:45-07:00

A Short Movie for Halloween

A Short Movie for Halloween Answering Film Riot's Challenge to make a monster movie under two minutes in less than two weeks, I came up with this one. Completed in a week with the help from Larry Pritchard on sound, "The Monster In The Car" stars Matt Armbruster and Zorba Coltrane Abraxas. I hope you [...]

A Short Movie for Halloween2013-11-01T17:42:54-06:00

Non-Starving Artist Solutions

Passive Income For Artists (Part 1) As a professional artist, you know how money comes in waves, and sometimes very small infrequent waves.  Illustrations, portraits, murals or any other form of commission may keep you in the financial clear, but it can take up so much of your time, you struggle to create your own [...]

Non-Starving Artist Solutions2014-01-29T13:29:52-07:00

Representing the Collector

Representing the Collector - How an Artist is Connects to Audience I recently visited the home of an art collector who had purchased one of my paintings.  The collector had contacted me regarding some of my work and after finding out that I lived near by, he invited me to see his collection.  The collection, [...]

Representing the Collector2014-02-26T17:40:34-07:00

Winner of the Free Print

Winner of the Free Print Winner of the FREE PRINT! Congratulations and Happy Halloween!

Winner of the Free Print2014-01-29T13:18:57-07:00

FREE PRINT next week!

October 31st is Halloween. For a treat, I'll be giving away a print to one randomly picked fan on my Facebook page at

FREE PRINT next week!2014-01-29T13:19:18-07:00

Investing in new Artists

I am an "Up-and-Coming Artist," fairly new on the scene of dealing with collectors and galleries, but I've been doing this long enough to see that my own work has gone up in value.  The art market is a volatile one, but according to market researchers, it continues to show improvement.  Never-the-less, if you buy [...]

Investing in new Artists2014-01-29T13:19:28-07:00

CANCELLED – Paint with Matt

DAY OF PAINTING CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN Matt Abraxas will be painting out at Sawhill Ponds in east Boulder on Saturday, Oct. 13th. If you like to paint or just watch, come on by. Matt will be there between 1 and 4-ish PM, and then maybe off for pizza afterwards. It would be great to [...]

CANCELLED – Paint with Matt2012-10-12T20:11:37-06:00

Evening’s End – Time Lapse

"Evening's End", 36x36, Oil on Linen.  Available at SmithKlein Gallery, Boulder, CO. The music is a slight remix of the song, "Gypsy Girl", by Rebecca Abraxas from the album, When Heaven Meets Hell.  

Evening’s End – Time Lapse2012-10-05T23:39:41-06:00

"What could make my life better? Oh, if I could only find that magic bottle that lets you never have to sleep. I have so much stuff I wanna do, but... That six or seven hours you have to be in bed with your eyes closed. What a waste!" -Robert Rodriguez I can't say how [...]


A Fun Day at Smith-Klein Gallery

Smith-Klein Gallery has done a great job setting up the show for this month. Rebecca and I had a fun time: I painted while she played her songs and experimented with enchanting vocal improvisations. Matt Abraxas at Smith-Klein painting Rebecca Abraxas, with Ix-Eeya Beacher It's always fun to paint in such a great [...]

A Fun Day at Smith-Klein Gallery2012-09-09T10:51:39-06:00
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