How to Clean a Paint Brush for Oil Painting

Quick Tips on Cleaning Your Paintbrush Efficiently

how to clean paint brushes oil painting matt abraxasKeeping the bristles of your brushes clean can be an unpleasant chore.  I used to rush through the process and consequently ruined countless brushes.  Knowing how to clean a paint brush the right way will save you a lot of frustration in the long run and keep you ready for the next day of painting.

Once I began investing in high quality brushes (and loving the exquisite control they offered), I finally took up the advice from my teacher, Ted Seth Jacobs, and cleaned my brushes with care.

Ted Seth Jacobs instructed a cleaning method that maintained the brush health but did take more time.

This method utilizes a non-toxic turpentine.  I prefer Turpenoid Natural but there are several other great options too such as Mona Lisa, Pro Art,   and Eco House.  Because you’ll be churning up a lot of paint thinner, you want it to be as non-toxic and odorless as possible.

Another helpful thing to have are latex gloves.  You can get them by the box-load on Amazon here: latex gloves 100 quantity.  I don’t like the oil paint seeping into my skin after cleaning several brushes.  While your skin is a natural barrier, it also absorbs.

Watch the video here and let me know what you think.  I hope it helps.


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