30 Minutes to Become a Better Artist

30 Minute Painted Quick Sketch   Improving How You See in 30 Minutes The Video for the Painted Quick Sketch is Below A common problem in painting is in understanding color.  There are countless colors in paints, but no matter how many we use, we often still create a flat, convoluted mess.  Paintings often lack [...]

30 Minutes to Become a Better Artist2014-03-09T11:45:08-06:00

How to Draw and Paint

How to Draw and Paint - Seeing as an Artist Learning to draw and paint begins with copying simple easy-to-follow art lessons, but when you find yourself wondering how to draw realistic people or paint a landscape as beautifully as you envision it, then you have to go beyond the basic step by step drawing [...]

How to Draw and Paint2014-02-14T16:11:34-07:00
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