Painting Several Characters Using One Model

Painting Several Characters Using One Model In the 2 part video below, I show you how I used myself as a model for an illustration involving 4 adults. This can be very useful for illustrators on a tight budget and deadline, or for anyone who is having difficulty arranging other people to pose. An important [...]

Painting Several Characters Using One Model2014-01-29T11:19:10-07:00

Happy Birthday, Rembrandt

Commemorating the 407th birth anniversary of one of the greatest painters of all time, Google has altered logo yet again to involve the portrait of the celebrated Dutch artist Rembrandt van Rijn. Happy Birthday Rembrandt Rembrandt is most known for his self portraits.  He began his career with portrait painting and only about 10% of these [...]

Happy Birthday, Rembrandt2014-01-16T14:18:39-07:00

How to Paint a Portrait Fast

Painting A Face Quickly for Illustration Work Face Painted in Profile for a book by Simonetta Carr about John Knox. In this quick tutorial, I speed up the process from 25 minutes to about 10 minutes showing the steps I take to quickly paint a side-view portrait. Simonetta Carr writes books on Christian biographies.  This [...]

How to Paint a Portrait Fast2014-01-29T13:29:46-07:00
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