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Inspiration is not always artistic

This week has been prolific concerning everything but art. As I enter the studio, there is a similar feeling my old dog used to give me when I hadn't taken him running in several days. Barely a useful brush stroke made all week long, but I have at least re-organized the studio, arranged for solar [...]

Inspiration is not always artistic2011-09-04T09:49:56+00:00

Remastering a Painting

Remastering an Old Painting - Art of Repainting Feather Boa Skirt - 2009 I painted this over a year ago.  When I saw it on the gallery wall, I felt at once that this was a piece I had rushed to call finished.  Nate, the curator of Smith Klein Gallery, said he liked [...]

Remastering a Painting2014-02-26T17:27:04+00:00