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Lessons from reworking already finished paintings

I'm continuing to explore the practice of repainting. On one hand, I don't like not producing new work, but on the other, I am learning valuable lessons through realizing past mistakes. What I am finding is that with some of my work, I've been hasty in certain areas, neglecting attentive brushwork by rushing to finish the peripheral canvas. I still like an unfinished appearance, but I do not like it to look as sloppy as some pieces I've noticed. Thankfully, work that has sold has had my full attention. I think this is important to acknowledge. There is certainly a more pristine energy in the work that I've been completely attentive to during the process.

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Illustrations by Matt Abraxas

The first children's book that I've illustrated is complete and will be available this month.... I've also just sent out 100 limited edition prints of an illustration of the Asylum Street Spankers... ...still painting and will post on the progress of this soon...

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