El Duende, Oil on Linen – by Matt Abraxas

El Duende is a beautiful word.  It comes from Latin mythology, originally referring to a fairy or goblin creature, but when referred to the arts, it refers to Soul.  To say Soul, however, doesn’t encapsulate the full depth that El Duende expresses.  Language is a funny thing, and English is hysterical: the words are thrown around so much they lose the weight of their meaning.  So, I resort to another language.  Plus, it’s just more romantic to do so.

This painting the second I’ve made of the exquisite dancer, Deb Rubin, from the enchanting photography of Scott Belding.  I always obtain permission from both photographer and model when painting from a photo I haven’t taken.  Deb and Scott both have been generous with me in sharing elements of their art to add to my own art.

“El Duende” measures 54 x 30 inches.   Oil on linen canvas.
Public display to be announced.
Prints will be available in a few weeks.

El Duende by Matt Abraxas

El Duende by Matt Abraxas, from photo by Scott Belding, model: Deb Rubin