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Lessons from reworking already finished paintings

I'm continuing to explore the practice of repainting. On one hand, I don't like not producing new work, but on the other, I am learning valuable lessons through realizing past mistakes. What I am finding is that with some of my work, I've been hasty in certain areas, neglecting attentive brushwork by rushing to finish the peripheral canvas. I still like an unfinished appearance, but I do not like it to look as sloppy as some pieces I've noticed. Thankfully, work that has sold has had my full attention. I think this is important to acknowledge. There is certainly a more pristine energy in the work that I've been completely attentive to during the process.

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Remastering a Painting

Remastering an Old Painting - Art of Repainting Feather Boa Skirt - 2009 I painted this over a year ago.  When I saw it on the gallery wall, I felt at once that this was a piece I had rushed to call finished.  Nate, the curator of Smith Klein Gallery, said he liked [...]

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The Art Sale has gone well.  I've much appreciation to everyone whose purchased work in the last month. There are a handful of paintings left that will still be available for this weekend only at 90% off. MattAbraxas Art Sale - Click This

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