CANCELLED – Paint with Matt


DAY OF PAINTING CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN Matt Abraxas will be painting out at Sawhill Ponds in east Boulder on Saturday, Oct. 13th. If you like to paint or just watch, come on by. Matt will be there between 1 and 4-ish PM, and then maybe off for pizza afterwards. It would be great to [...]

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Evening’s End – Time Lapse


"Evening's End", 36x36, Oil on Linen.  Available at SmithKlein Gallery, Boulder, CO. The music is a slight remix of the song, "Gypsy Girl", by Rebecca Abraxas from the album, When Heaven Meets Hell.  

Evening’s End – Time Lapse2012-10-05T23:39:41-06:00


"What could make my life better? Oh, if I could only find that magic bottle that lets you never have to sleep. I have so much stuff I wanna do, but... That six or seven hours you have to be in bed with your eyes closed. What a waste!" -Robert Rodriguez I can't say how [...]


A Fun Day at Smith-Klein Gallery


Smith-Klein Gallery has done a great job setting up the show for this month. Rebecca and I had a fun time: I painted while she played her songs and experimented with enchanting vocal improvisations. Matt Abraxas at Smith-Klein painting Rebecca Abraxas, with Ix-Eeya Beacher It's always fun to paint in such a great [...]

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Painting Cariñena: 24 hours in 1 minute


Another TimeLapse with a twist ending:  Cariñena is a Spanish Wine Region and an attractive name for a painting.

Painting Cariñena: 24 hours in 1 minute2012-07-01T11:49:01-06:00

SmithKlein Gallery Demo


A fun show at SmithKlein Gallery a couple weeks ago. Rebecca and I will doing it again this September for the opening night of my show.   Matt Abraxas painting Rebecca Abraxas at SmithKlein Gallery   Rebecca Abraxas performing and painted by Matt Abraxas   The final study, touched-up in the studio: [...]

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El Duende, Oil on Linen – by Matt Abraxas


El Duende, Oil on Linen - by Matt Abraxas El Duende is a beautiful word.  It comes from Latin mythology, originally referring to a fairy or goblin creature, but when referred to the arts, it refers to Soul.  To say Soul, however, doesn't encapsulate the full depth that El Duende expresses.  Language is a funny [...]

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New Illustration Page


Here is the website dedicated to Illustration work. Please let me know if any technical issues are found.

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A quick painting – from sketch to completion


This painting was done mostly with a palette knife. It isn't my usual method and the completed piece is more erratic than my style. Experimenting with material or application can open up to a more developed style so even if I'm not satisfied with the end product, I have pushed my envelope more and thus [...]

A quick painting – from sketch to completion2012-04-06T13:47:09-06:00

Volupté – the New Painting, in Print and on Display


Contest Winner New Print Professional TidBit Untitled Title Contest Winner: With many excellent suggestions for a title, I finally settled on Volupté, a French word for sensuality or pleasure.  Suggested by Bren Brown who is an artist from New Zealand.  Her work can be viewed here:               [...]

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Name my New Painting


I'll send you a print of this or any other print I have available if I use your title.  Name my New Painting - Matt Abraxas ... This painting is from the photography of Scott Belding.  The model is Deb Rubin.  They are each exceptionally talented and I'm honored to have their permission to recreate [...]

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Art Show this Friday


I don't show my landscape or still life work here in Boulder county as I abide the agreement with the SmithKlein gallery to not show work in the county other than in their establishment, and I only show figurative work there. By the way, this is a normal agreement between an artist and a gallery, [...]

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Recent Work


Recent Work from Matt Abraxas It is more difficult than it seems fitting to write a new blog now and then. I suppose I'm grateful to the lone subscriber and the two or three people who actually read these, otherwise I'd feel obliged to spew anything I can think of. I will, at some point, [...]

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