Unboxing Canon 60D – Burlesque Style

Those “unboxing” videos sort of bug me.  I still watch them when I’m craving something, but I feel like I’m watching product porn.

Unboxing the Canon 60D

Burlesque Style

So, I did my own – in an appropriate fashion

Unboxing the Canon 60D – Reviews HERE

This camera is, in my humble opinion, the best consumer grade DSLR available, even after the many Canon T’s (T3i, T4i, etc.).

My reasoning for this is because of the swivel LCD for more viewing options (holding low or high, or shooting yourself) and a much more sturdy grip.  The T series are too small in my hands.

You can read all the reviews and even buy your own camera HERE.  The deals are better than ever lately.

I’ve been using mine for shooting stock footage that I can use later or sell, shooting my own mini-independent movies, updating the portfolios of my art and the art of others (for a small fee to pay off the camera), and of course, a gazillion family photos and videos that I will lose track of.

What would you use yours for?

It’s not a cheap camera, of course, even though it’s come down in price in the past few years.  For the greatest pleasures in life that sprout from our deepest passion, money is not an issue.

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Love, Matt


-Matt & Rebecca Abraxas


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